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Smart Cities Ecosystem Stakeholders

The Smart Cities Ecosystem Stakeholders is a team of individuals who believes in developing Smart Cities globally, and supporting the Smart Nation initiatives by the Singapore government. It is led by Mr Tay Kok Chin, Chairman of SG100 Foundation, a people-led ground-up nation building and leadership development movement.

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We hope to be the catalyst for Inclusive Smart Cities, where the strategic intent is to develop shared-value economies for more equitable societies.

Several initiatives, via events, programmes, seminars, workshops, innovation jams, projects and other activities, will be organized to raise awareness, build capacities and seek commitments from all stakeholders for more Inclusive Smart Cities.

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The group's first event is the "Smart Cities Roundtable", in collaboration with the Smart Cities team from the UK Department of International Trade, scheduled for Thursday 27-July from 3pm till 4.30pm. See details here.

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Thanks to all for the follow-ups!